• Agile Weekly #8

    The Agile Manifesto Principles Explained | Evolve Agility Inc.

  • PhD #5

    Cross and Parker (2004) The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations

  • Agile Weekly #7

  • Agile Weekly #6

    How Story Points turned to the dark side Video Brilliant simulation in MiroPiggy Bank Scrum Simulation in Remote – SM is not for newbiesScrum Master is not an entry-level position. – Krzysztof Hałasa: Technology Strategy Consultant

  • PhD #4

    Eoyang’s CDE Model (2011) Self-organization in human systems

  • Agile Weekly #5 Michael Spayd – Resources — The Collective Edge Crisp Agile Coach Program, spring 2023

  • Agile Weekly #4 Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager | Andreessen Horowitz Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It

  • PhD #3

    R. Hoda (2011) Self-Organizing Agile Teams: A Grounded Theory, PhD Thesis

  • Agile Weekly #3

    James Shore: The Art of Agile Development, Second Edition

  • PhD #2

    Hackman classic team’s effectiveness model

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