Agile Weekly #1

Idea of Agile Weekly is a collection of links and some of my toughs related to them or not.
  • how explain value of AC in plain English?
  • Inspiration by Allen Holub

What is Agile? The elevator pitch. | Allen Holub

  • pm role disconnect from po
  • At the beginning pm role deminshed with a good intention but disfunction result pm – po

  • The actual ways in which Scrum is both adaptable and immutable.

  • System thinking is lens to look at organization

  • Gunther is an authority

  • How to star with scrum

  • Facilitation means designing conversation

  • value proposition for coaches

  • when stop cherry picking? Scrum is alterable in certain contexts. Often, I complement it with other practices from lean and XP. But eliminating empowered teams and empiricism is taking it too far.

  • roadmaps goals over features

  • stable vs fluid teams

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